Saturday, 19 September 2009

Optimizing your blog for search engines

Competition is fierce online, and the top places on the search result pages are the most hunted for; therefore, any blog owner who tries to make money on the Internet needs to use a whole strategy to attract the best visitors and the highest traffic. The working principle for the blog optimization for search engines is the keyword. When you start the race for SEO (search engine optimization), you already have an advantage: blogs are usually the ones to receive more traffic then other complex sites due to their highly informational content. By keywords we mean those sentences or structures that a user types in the search box of an engine.

Blogs mainly rely on articles that are regularly updated and re-freshened, so that they have something new to offer all the time. Before you write the blog content, you'll need to make a list with all the keywords related to your domain and which are most likely to be typed in the search box by Internet users. A brain-storming session is ideal to find the best structures you need to include in the articles; keep in mind that there are some rules you may have to follow here as well.

For instance, choosing some very general keywords is not the best way to promote a business via a blog given the fact that though you may receive a high traffic, the profit could remain modest. The explanation is very simple here: too broad terms attract all sorts of users, even those that are not interested in purchasing something. SEO experts use all sorts of parameters to check the profitability of a blog, and one of them deals precisely with the number of relevant users the web-page gets.

Once you manage to get the most high-in-demand keywords, you'll still have to do a lot of work in order to keep the blog position high in traffic. The status of keywords may change from one day to the other, given the intense competition that characterizes the Internet in general; consequently, every time you update or change the site content, you need to perform a keyword analysis beforehand and see where they stand in rankings. Last but not least, there is one thing that remains the golden rule of search engine optimization: quality informational content, that should be the essence of any successful blog!

How would you like to promote your blog?

Regardless of the reasons for which you have created a blog, it can become a success only if you know how to promote it: in other words, you have to attract traffic. There are several ways to do so, depending on what you aim at with your blog; first of all, you need to get a look on the web and see what the competition is like. Blogging is something you learn and improve as you acquire more experience; actually we could say there are no boundaries related to the possibility to promote something online. The best help you can get is from domains related to yours, by the use of friendly links.

Once you've got the pages ready don't hesitate to have links to your blog posted on other sites, which you may have to do the same in exchange to help others. Nevertheless, it is good to mention here that you must pay attention to the web page quality to make sure that you don't promote something that contradicts your principles. Then, you should probably know that there are all sorts of blog directories where you may submit your pages so that you make it more easily accessible. Generally such sites require a description of your blog, and it is here that you need to show your skills.

In case you have to describe the blog as clearly as possible, try to focus on the general topic and aim of the blog. The title you include here will be part of a category that you must select very carefully, so that it reflects your intention completely. This introductory part should not be too long, though you'll have to include some descriptive details and high-in-demand keywords. If you manage to do all these insertions correctly, then you can expect to get great traffic to the blog.

When you are new in the blogging world, you have to let people know that you're available with great subjects, pictures, articles, products and anything else specific to your field. The best way to spread the news about your blog is to write press releases and submit them to free directories; statistics show that many bloggers chose this promotion method as it is the most profitable in terms of attracting friendly links and good positions in search engine rankings. Forum postings are also great to be used in parallel with press release listings, and results should not be late to appear right away.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Review of Post Launch Profit Secrets

If you have ever read, listened to or watched a free info product and thought why did I bother wasting my time with that, you have not seen or heard one of Alex Jeffreys free offerings.

His Post Launch Profit Secrets has raised the standard of free. It contains extreme value, in that if you act on what is contained in the audio, you could experience making a life changing amount of money on the Internet.

Now we have all heard the term ?the money is in the list?, well Alex Jeffreys takes this concept and explains how anyone can create a list. Not just any list, but one that is highly responsive and loves getting their wallets out every time you find a product that you think is worth recommending.

In this free audio the information that Alex gives away is phenomenal. He takes you step by step describing how he found out about this proven money making system. Then he goes into great detail on how we can do it ourselves, without having to pay out the thousands of dollars that Alex did to set him on the path of success he is on now.

Along side him on the audio is Michael Cheney who also gives some invaluable insights into the very same money making system that makes him millions too.

Alex does like to mention a few famous internet marketers? names and talk about places he has been too, but it is all par for the course and doubles as inspiration for those of us listening and desiring that internet marketing lifestyle.

If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled with information contained within the audio, as it has helped me develop a master plan of success. Hopefully in 8 weeks I too will have the beginnings a list to be proud of and be able to shoot off an email and make money. I?m sure that sounds good to you too!


Listen your way to intenet marketing
success with Post Launch Profit Secrets


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Is blogging profitable?

For anyone eager to make some extra money, the Internet is probably the richest source of business opportunities, and blogging is one such great chance to generate income with low costs and little effort. How is that possible? At the beginning blogging started as the modern online diary, but it evolved towards new forms that presently provide both personal expression and money making advantages. Let's take a look at two main ways to turn a blog into a home-business. The starting point for any online commercial action is the creation of a highly interesting web page.

Anyone running some form of business that could benefit from online promotion may choose blogging as a great form of advertising. A blog targets a special audience segment: those people interested in the products and services you offer. A blogger should therefore create a highly specific web page with content that is relevant for his or her field of activity. There may be references to the promoted products, or just links to them. Most business owners who take advantage of the profit blogging brings, choose to include various options on the pages.

First and foremost, you have to make web search possible directly from your blog; hence, you'll need to use one of the Google programs that enables such facilities. Then, any blog visitor should have a minimum degree of independence once he or she has accessed your site, meaning that they should be allowed to perform actions: download pictures, documents and files, post comments or simply subscribe for regular updates. In order to make blogging profitable, try to keep a close watch over the traffic the blog receives, and constantly monitor how well it appears in search engine rankings.

Last but not least, blogging is also profitable for those who don't have a business to promote: you may actually make money by allowing ads and banners related to your domain appear on the site. By the intermediary of the Google advertising programs, Adwords and Adsense, you will be paid for each click a visitor makes on a specific ad, or every time somebody performs a certain action on the blog. You'll just have to follow the Google Adwords or Adsense instructions and apply them to the blog pages; the best way to generate revenue under such circumstances is to make sure your blog appears on the first result page of the search engines.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Workstation Optimizer released!!

Recent the released of a new software named Workstation Optimizer had been highly recommended by alot of forex trader and online business owner. This Software also had been shown on abc, AOL, CNN, MSNBC and USAToday lately.

If you are not sure whenm where or how, but your machine has become infested with spyware,adware, malware, keyloggers, trojan horses etc.Then this software definately is your choice!

Do you know that some hackers out there are simply recording every key you press(including passwords,bank payments or purchases online, paypal, literally anything you do, they will know and document if for later use).

Of course there are alot of software which had about same feature with Workstation Optimizer. Here's a WARNING for you! DO Not Install Cheap or Freeware Solutions software because what you didn't know, is that most of these will actually install MORE threats,and then use their software or an email/popup/browser hijack to upsell
you to the bigger/better anti-virus solutions as an affiliate (which they take commission from).

What I'm mean is these guys are feeding you more bugs and then providing you a paid solution once their freebie can't crack or fix the bugs, or once they screw up your machine even more (because they are intended and part of the business model. Sneaky & Dirty!).

So, STOP downloading free online registry scanners, only use reputable brands and top quality products like our WorkStation OPtimizer when it comes to your work station and sensitive data, it's the only sensible thing to do! For more information, you can check it out at .

Some of the photo of this software:-

You may also click here to register! It only cost you $29.89 for single Pc (Save up to $28) or $78.89 for 3 Pc (Save up to $121.53).

Photo of IU... The New born Singer!

Found out some great photo of this new born singer... These photo of IU is the latest that I have found.. Sooner I will be uploading her song as well ... Vote for her!

So, isn't she cute... Plus, her voice like an angel as well...

Friday, 11 September 2009

Hey, Just accidently found out this young korean singer named IU.. She just 16 years old and yet have a great voice... Plus, She kind of cute ... I think I gonne fall for her and support her ... Haha .. Check her out ..

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Avoid Junk Duplication in RSS feeds

If you are blogging to promote a business or service, or to build your reputation in your chosen career field, you already know the importance of frequent postings.
How do you get those blog postings on a regular basis without running out of content? Some bloggers have used RSS feeds to fuel their blogs.

It may seem like the perfect solution. An RSS feed is a form of syndication used online. RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” “Rich Site Summary,” or “RDF Site Summary.” No matter what you call it, there are risks associated with RSS feeds.
One risk is that your blog will be filled with junk content. When you rely on an RSS feed for your blog, you are not offering original or meaningful content. Your readers will not benefit and might not return to your blog again.

In addition to junk content, RSS feeds also often lead to duplicate content. If you are trying to build a reputation as an expert in any particular field, you do not want to have the same content on your blog as someone else.
Meaningful content (whether you write it yourself or have a team of ghost writers blogging for you) is key to successful blogging. Duplicated content will give your readers the idea that you might not be quite the expert they once thought you were.
It may not sound like much of a risk, but if your reputation is at stake, junk content and duplicated content are huge barriers to overcome. As you build your business or promote a service, junk and duplicate content could really create trust issues between you and your readers.

When you use RSS feeds for your blog, you may also be putting your readers’ computers in danger. Hackers can insert Java script codes into RSS feeds. When your readers open your blog, it exposes their computers to the hackers.
Does it mean you have to sit for hours every day to post your own blogs if you don’t use an RSS feed?

No, of course not. Programs such as Blogomator make blogging much easier. You still retain originality. You still offer quality content. But Blogomator makes those frequent postings so much easier.
If writing is a struggle for you, work with a ghost writer or freelancer who can convey the message you need to in your blog. Give the writer several topics of interest to blog readers and ask for 300-600 word articles. Once you have approved those articles, you may set them up for distribution to your blog.
Blogomator truly emancipates bloggers, freeing up time needed to concentrate on other business aspects or to enjoy some much needed leisure time.
One of the best aspects of Blogomator is that no special software is needed. You don’t download any files to your computer. Just log onto and simply upload blog entries into your online account. Don’t worry about formatting your articles for a blog. The program does it for you! You choose when to post and where, and your blogging is complete!

For professionals who have more than one blog, Blogomator is very liberating! You can use the program to post to any or all of your blogs!
With Blogomator, many writers choose to upload and schedule a year’s worth of postings at a time. If you want to make additions to those postings, it’s no problem. Just enter your additional articles and schedule them to post, too. eliminates the need to feed your blog with junk or duplicated content that you might get from an RSS feed. Plus, your readers’ computers will be safer since the content you upload into your blog will not be exposed to hackers.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What is blogging?

The Internet plays a huge role in the lives of people on the entire planet; it is the fastest means to communicate with friends on the other side of the world and the richest source of information when you have to research for something. The latest trend and probably the most successful way of expressing oneself via the Internet is the blog. What does blogging actually mean? The whole concept revolves around the personal need to express feelings or thoughts, share opinions, spread news or simply have fun. A blog is actually a small individual web page more like a diary that you keep online; it receives regular updates and allows the use of links, photos, videos and extended documents.

Many people were attracted by the “blogging” phenomenon thanks to the great opportunity of making themselves heard by a specific targeted audience. Blogs are not complex web pages, it entirely depends on what the creator wants to share with the world. When you've got great pieces of news, funny links or a hobby to talk about, a blog may be just the right way to open up to an international “community”. Most often, blogs attract more attention than large and well-designed web pages? How is it possible for blogging to have reached such a status?

First of all, blogs generally tackle with one issue of interest for the user; there is fresh and rich informational content, and extended friendly links to other sites or blogs in the domain. It has become common knowledge by now that blogs often receive more traffic than other web pages. Why? The answer lies within the very essence of a search engine structure: what a search engine likes most is fresh and high quality content. This is the main preeminence blogs and the blogging phenomenon has managed to achieve ahead of normal web pages.

If blogging started as the perfect diary online, it has now come to acquire different dimensions, of which the commercial one is the most well-developed. I'll give you an illustrative example here: let's say you like gardening, and you've also started your own home business of growing plants. A blog on flowers, plants and their peculiarities would meet the requirements of other people who share your hobby, but it would also function as a great promotion tool for the development of your business. Therefore, web marketing and the need to communicate happily meet within the very concept of “blogging”.